Clay Pigeon Round 7

We went to Clay Pigeon for Round 7 of the Championship going into the round 6th in the championship.

Heat 1                                                                                                                                           Start: 5th                                                                                                                                     Finish: 3rd                                                                                                                                  Heat 2                                                                                                                                          Start: 11th                                                                                                                                  Finish: 5th                                                                                                                                 Heat 3                                                                                                                                            Start: 3rd                                                                                                                                   Finish: 4th

That Put us in 3rd for the Final on the grid. In the first corner I move up into 2nd chasing the leader. Then on the 2nd Lap I got overtaken by a kart and the person behind followed him through so I am down to 4th with the top 7 all together. On lap 8 following an incident between the leaders I move up to 3rd with the top 6 still all together. Then on lap 9 I overtake up into 2nd. Then on lap 14 I am hit wide down to 4th then on the last lap I overtake into 3rd but down have enough to get back into 2nd and finish 3rd. Overall it was a very good race weekend for us and we got a great result in a very competitive field and move up into 5th in the championship.

Clay September 2014
Photo Taken by Wilf Carter

Clay september trophy

Forest Edge September 2014

We went to Forest Edge for the september round as part of our championship.                                                                                                                          Heat 1                                                                                                                                 Start- 10th                                                                                                                               Finish – 7th                                                                                                                             Heat 2                                                                                                                                     Start- 3                                                                                                                         Finish- 3rd                                                                                                                       Heat 3                                                                                                                                           Start- 12th                                                                                                                     Finish- 6th                                                                                                                                 Final                                                                                                                                   Start- 4th                                                                                                                                   Finish-7th

In the Final I set the fastest lap on the 2nd and 3rd lap and fought my way up to 3rd briefly.  For the rest of the race battled hard and ended up 7th.14426800410_d64dfd1115_n

Clay Pigeon August Race

We came to Clay Pigeon for Round 6 of the championship.

In Heat 1 I started 3rd and finished 4th and were quick through the heat.

In Heat 2 I started 11th and just before the heat it started heavily raining so we went out on slicks on a soaking track. At first i struggled as it was my first time being on slicks in the wet but I got to grips with it and made my way up to 8th.

In Heat 3 I started 8th and was good in the 1st corner but got caught up in the esses and was last by half a lap but caught the pack up and made some good overtakes to finish 10th and also picked up the fastest sector 3  time.

In the final I started 7th and went down to 8th at the first lap I then got up to 6th but got re overtaken down to 7th I then overtook again into 6th but it resulted me going back into 8th. Then when I came to overtake to 6th got pushed off again down to 9th I then went back again with some good overtakes to finish 6th and got fastest sector 3 time again.

Overall we had a competitive weekend and close in on 5th in the championship.

How to use Qstarz BT-Q1000ex GPS Data Logger

For less than £150 the Qstarz BT-q100ex is the simplest way to get into data logging. It includes PC software and all you have to do is turn it on and fix it securely to your kart. Because it uses GPS it can be used during MSA racing and is compliant with 2014 Gold book regulations for Junior and Senior karts.

Qstarz BT-Q1000EX 10Hz GPS Data Logger Racing Lap Timer & Analysis Software

C1.9 Data Logging. Data logging is permitted; data logging systems with or without memory may be used. Global navigation satellite system reception is permitted. It is only permitted to take readings of engine rpm, engine water temperature, speed of 1 wheel, an X/Y accelerometer, lap times
and split lap times. The engine water temperature sensor may only be fitted in the position provided in the cylinder head cover for this attachment. The rpm, may only be recorded via a sensor on the HT lead to sense spark plug pulses. The HT lead must remain a single length from ignition coil to spark
plug cap. The fitting of these sensors is only permitted providing there is no modification to the original engine components.

One of the great advantages is you can link your video and quickly understand why you were quicker on one lap than another in a particular corner

Qstarts BT-Q1000ex GPS kart data logger


To buy one either search Amazon or look at these great deals on Ebay


Wilton Mill Rotax Mini Max Results Round 3

Here are the result from Round 3 of Stars at  Wilton Mill

Heat 1

Jenson started 10th and was spun out on lap 1. He restarted at the back and managed to make his way back up to 22nd.


Heat 2

Jenson started 14th and finished 9th. After the first lap he was up to 6th having got his best start every in minis and staying out of trouble. He posted the 5th fastest lap. Heat 1.didn’t go so well finished 25th.

Results attached.

Kosmic Knowledge Pack 2008

Found an copy of the Kosmic Knowledge Pack 2008 in PDF format. Good basic information  relative to all OTK karts Tony Kart and Alonso. Below is an extract of the index page :-

  1. Seat Installation
  2. Front-Track Adjustments
  3. Rear-Track Adjustments
  4. Caster/Camber Adjustments
  5. Front-Ride Height Adjustments
  6. Ackerman and Steering Adjustment
  7. Rear-Ride Height Adjustments
  8. Tire Pressure
  9. Axle Chart/Stiffness
  10. Tuning Bars
  11. Rear Hubs
  12. Braking System
  13. Basic Wet Weather
  14. Conclusion

Kosmic manual

January Kimbolton

We went to Kimbolton for the first time for the January Race weekend. I got to grips with the technical track and in a tough grid I qualified 15th. Unfortunately in the final I made someplaces in the first corner then in the 4th corner got rammed onto the grass and couldnt get going again. Overall it is a fun track and we will return!


cadet kart for sale – tips to buying your first kart

Below are a few tips on how to approach buying your first kart for your son or daughter. Karting is not a cheap sport but with a bit of research you get started for a few £100 you can get on the track.

Jenson Brown Comer Cadet Kart Shenington 2013
Jenson Brown Comer Cadet Kart Shenington 2013

Tips for buying a Cadet kart

Visit your local track

Before you buy a kart you should visit your local track on race or practice day and check what classes are popular at your local track. In 2014 for Cadets Honda and IAME are the most popular classes with Comer still allowed but in it last year as an MSA class.  For a list see the following post of UK Kart tracks.

Talk to lots of people

Talk to as many other karters, dads, team managers, kart shops as possible. You will get lots of advise on what chassis to use, engine tuner, class. As a good friend of mine said “listen to all the advise you get at the kart track but don’t trust any of it” . You may prefer to run with a team or you may prefer to start slowly and set the kart up yourself.

Buy the MSA getting started pack

Read the MSA getting started website and purchase the MSA Starter Pack this gives you all the information you need to apply for your racing Licence. You don’t need a licence to test at most tracks so no rush to apply or take your ARKS test yet but the information is helpful.

Buy a kart and as much kit as possible

An excellent place to find a good first kart is eBay. Look for phrases like “Retirement Sale”, “Complete package”, “Moving classes”, “Lots of Spares”.  You will soon want extra sets of wheels. wet tyres, a Mycron dash etc.

Make sure the chassis is straight and the seat fits

Before you do lots of testing make sure you chassis is straight as this will help the driver be confident. Ask at you local track who straightens chassis they should check it for about £20 plus time if it needs straightening.

Test, Test and more testing

Do as much testing as possible don’t mess with the set-up or buying really quick engines  just focus on getting time on the track don’t worry if you slow just enjoy it and you will get quicker.


UK Kart Tracks MSA recognised

Below is a list of the recognised kart tracks in the UK. This is an extract from the 2014 Gold Book.

  • Barton Stacey (Hampshire) near Andover, 2 miles from Barton Stacey village off A303.
  • Bayford Meadows (Kent) 1 mile east of Sittingbourne, ME10 3RY. Bishopscourt (Co. Down) 6 miles east of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, BT30 7EY.
  • Blackbushe (Surrey) off A30 at Blackbushe Airport and follow signs towards Sunday Market, GU17 9LG.
  • Boyndie (Banffshire) 4 miles west of Banff. [NJ 615 645]
  • Buckmore Park (Kent) Chatham, between J3 on M2 and J6 on M20, ME5 9QG.
  • Clay Pigeon (Dorset) On A37 midway between Dorchester and Yeovil (10 miles to each), DT2 9PW.
  • Crail Raceway (Fife) A917 approx. 1 mile from Crail.
  • Darley Moor (Derbyshire) 2 miles South of Ashbourne on A515, DE6 2ET.
  • Ellough Park (Suffolk) 1.5 miles east of Beccles on A416, 6 miles west of Lowestoft, NR34 7XD.
  • Fulbeck (Lincs) 8 miles east of Newark off A17 at Brant Broughton Cross Road.
  • Glan y Gors Park (Conwy) On A5, 1 mile west of Cerrigydrudion village, LL21 0RU.
  • Hooton Park (Wirral) Ellesmere Port, 2 miles off Junction 6 M53.
  • Jurby (Isle of Man) Junction of A14 and A10, 7 miles north-west of Ramsey.
  • Kimbolton (Cambs) 7 miles north-west of St Neots on B645.
  • Larkhall (Strathclyde) Summerlee Raceway, Merrydon Road off A72. 800m, off J7 of M74.
  • Little Rissington (Glos) RAF Station. Off the A429, 4 miles east of Bourton on the Water.
  • Littleferry (Sutherland) Golspie, off A9 Inverness to Thurso.
  • Llandow (Vale of Glamorgan) 9 miles from Cardiff, off B4270 between A48 and Llantwit Major, CF71 7PB.
  • Lydd Raceway (Kent) 20 miles from J10 of M20, TN29 9JH
  • Mansell Raceway (Devon) 6 miles north of A30 at Honiton, EX14 4LT. 
  • Nutts Corner (N. Ireland) 3 miles east of Crumlin.
  • P.F. International (Lincs) 10 miles east of Newark, 2 miles off A17 towards Stragglethorpe.
  • Portstewart (Co. Londonderry) NW200 car park, off A2 Ballyreagh Road. Northern Ireland
  • Rowrah (Cumbria) On the A5086 4 miles north-east of Frizington and 8 miles south-west of
  • Cockermouth, CA26 3XU.
  • Rye House (Herts) J5 of M25 then A10, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, EN11 0EH.
  • Shenington (Oxon) 8 miles west of Banbury, off A422 Banbury-Stratford road, OX15 6NZ.
  • Sorel Point (Jersey) off La Route du Nord, north of St John’s village.
  • St. Sampsons (Guernsey) 1 mile from St. Peter port
  • Three Sisters (Lancs) 5 minutes off J25 of M6, WN4 8DD.
  • Thruxton Kart Centre (Hants) 5 miles west of Andover, SP11 8PW.
  • Whilton Mill (Northants) 3 miles north of Weedon off the A5. From north M1 J18, from south M1 J16.
  • Wombwell (Yorks) 6 miles south-east of Barnsley, off A4633.